Going to the Park (Book)

Gutsy Girl, Olivia Gorcey, says, 'Slow Down and Enjoy the Journey.'


Gutsy Gals Inspire Me is pleased to make the 1st book of a new children's series created by actress (Footloose, Teen Wolf, Grandview USA), painter, and author, Elizabeth Gorcey available to you for purchase.

The Liv On Life Book Series was inspired by Elizabeth’s daughter, Olivia, and the joy she has brought to the lives of her mother and others. In encouraging Olivia to embrace, cherish and use her authentic voice, Elizabeth realized how much parents can--and must--learn from the purity and honesty of a child's perspective.  

Going to the Park tells the story of Liv and Bowie (her dog), where Liv realizes that mom and dad need a break from the stresses of work. Liv and Bowie convince them to put down the technology and head out for a fun day at the park! 

The book is beautifully illustrated by Kajiah Jacobs and carries a message of enjoying simple, natural pleasures with loved ones. Buy this book, read it to your kids, and then head out for a technology-less day of fun.

To learn more about the series, you can visit: www.livonlife.com.